I’m a thirty-something year old Mom, living in NY and raising a six year old son. A little bit of background – I grew up in NY and eventually made my way down south to Virginia for school. After making some fantastic friends and spending a bit too much time following my bliss, I finally graduated from college. Soon afterward, I landed the perfect job and the not-so-perfect husband. The people I had the good fortune to work with – all the way out in the middle of nowhere Virginia – were some of the very best human beings I’ve ever met, and it was a time in my life when I started to figure out who I was and what I wanted. Unfortunately my marriage was, at that point, a disaster and not in any way what I was going to bring a child into. Miraculously, when I was 8 months pregnant we decided to move to NY. I ended my marriage when my son was just a few months old and thankfully I had my family – Mom, Dad, sister, brother and brother-in-law, not to mention extended family – around to help me through it all. That first year of figuring out how to be a brand new Mom who was newly-single (and seriously disillusioned) was one the hardest I can remember. That first year with my son (and every one since), was also one of the most joyous and incredible years of my life. I have no regrets. He’s turned out to be one absolutely phenomenal kid – which I could of course tell from day one – and I’ve turned out to be far, far happier and more empowered and stable for it. It’s been quite a journey and one I wouldn’t trade for anything. We’ve since moved houses, changed cities, started a new job and started school. My job is in marketing and education and although I put in long hours at times, I get to work with good people, provide for my child’s future, and show him what it means to pursue goals. I started this blog mostly because I know how much finding a community has meant to me in good times and bad and because I believe in paying it forward. I also spend a whole lot of time with a 6 year old, so being able to talk to grown-ups is always a welcome thing. I’d love to hear from you and am glad you stopped by!