Letter to You

Me (age 4)

Hey You,

We haven’t talked in awhile. I wanted to let you know I still see you. I haven’t forgotten you.

Me and you are the same. We’re just alike. I get you.

I believe in you.

I have enough faith in you to fill up the whole wide world.

I know what it feels like to have a heart so full and alive that it sometimes hurts. It touches my soul to see you wearing your heart with pride and having the strength to let it be your guide.

I know how much the voices in your ears and in your head hurt and make you feel like you’ll break. But you’re not breakable. They can’t break you. Those voices are the darkness and YOU are the light. You’re the flame from the candle that cannot – will not – be put out by the darkness of anger, or selfishness or fear.

Your courage is divine. Your purity is sacred. Your spirit is awe inspiring.

You are precious. And beautiful. And important. And loved.

I am your team. Your family. Your heart. Your forever.

I will never leave you. Let you down. Forget you. I will hold your hand when you need strength, carry you when you can’t go on, and fight for you when you are hurt.

I will cheer for you when you win and comfort you when you fall. When you lack confidence in yourself I’ll be there to remind you of who you are.

I will cherish these pieces of you – of what makes you, you – and recognize them as gifts. Gifts you’ve extended to the Me I am now, and gifts I’ll continue to share with this other precious little one who’s just the same as you. Just as amazing, just as sensitive, just as important, just as beautiful and just as in need of you as you are of him.

Forever and always,