Weekend Roundup.

So, what’d you do this past week and weekend? I did lots of things! And I’m so excited to finally have conversations with grown-ups again that I thought I’d share.

I recovered from surgery and got cleared to drive a vehicle again – woohoo! Sorry for the totally creep-o, graphic photo, but this is exciting news in my world & means this chapter’s behind me! Mason was psyched for me to show off my stitches and “cool scar” at the bus stop. I realize I’m oversharing. Wonder if it’ll be too faded by Halloween for me to work it into my costume. ps – for all who asked or wondered, thank you!! My surgery was a success – went smoothly and pathology report was all good news. So very relieved and grateful and thankful to those who sent me well wishes.

Creepy scar

Caught a cold. 😦 Boo. Tis’ the season.

Got waited on hand and foot. Was reminded once again that I have the best boyfriend ever. Plus, everyday before school Mason tried to come up with something to make my day easier. Like filling the fold-out couch with comfy pillows and putting a special show on the tv to keep me in a happy mood. Or letting me borrow his alligator head, because “you can just look at this guy and then you won’t even think about your neck.”

Comfy Cozy


Got caught up on all the celebrity gossip, 20 years of soaps (still horrifically horrible) and discovered my new all-time favorite commercial. This one’s gonna be a fave for me and the kids for a long, long while. Quality acting and genius marketing. Really good stuff.

Got a new pet. Aww? Eww?

The Claw Claw

Picked apples and plums, then ate delicious cider mill donuts and apple fritters! I know – very first day of fall of us!

Welcome Fall! Apples and plums

Decorated for Halloween (which, let’s face it is lots of fun but is really just a speed bump on the road to CHRISTMAS! And I’ve already purchased my first two Christmas presents. So ramped up already for the holidays! Only a matter of time before I break out the holiday cds.).

Bought a new camera! Courtesy of a very generous bday donation from a very generous guy. Can’t wait to take and share pics with something other than my iPhone! Thanks for suffering through blurry shots and poor lighting in the meantime! Coming soon.

What did you all do? How are you welcoming in the fall season?