School’s out!

It’s been awhile since I posted, and that’s because all of a sudden THIS appeared on our calendar…

Last day of school!

Holy moly that was fast! Seems like just yesterday I was prepping Mason (and myself) for his very first day of kindergarten. Now this week he finished his very last day of the year!

Kindergarten graduate!

Pretty exciting news around here! I actually took a couple of days off and relished the lack of structure. No running here, there and everywhere. No deadlines to meet or places to be. It’s been a VERY long while since I could say that. And Mother Nature seems to have finally remembered that it’s summertime in Upstate NY (thanks, Mom Nature!), so the weather has been gorgeous! I spent the very first part of my vacation getting things crossed off my to-do list – shopping, laundry, housework, yard work. After picking Mason up from his last day of school I offered to pay him a dollar to wash my car. Without hesitation he replied: “Make it six and you got a deal.” Huh?! Do they teach wheeling and dealing in kindergarten now?!

Car Wash

Car wash 2

We settled on free room and board till he’s eighteen. Truth be told, he mostly played and I mostly washed.

Since then we’ve been doing a little bit of this…

Pool fun

…and a little bit of that. Spending as much time as possible outdoors, playing with friends, testing out our new slip and slide, just sitting back and enjoying summer. Last night we hosted our first – and judging by the turnout and the reactions, not the last – outdoor, backyard, kid’s movie night. Today we’re hitting the lake and likely not coming in till the sun goes down. It’s amazing what a little down time and fun in the sun can do! Hope you are each having as great a weekend as we are!