To my sweet baby nephew.

Earlier this week we received the most exciting text from my sister which said “I’m at the hospital, baby is coming! Can you come stay with my kids?” We’d been waiting for this! Mason had been quizzing me daily for over a week: “Will you come pick me up if the baby comes while I’m at school? Will you wake me up if the baby comes in the middle of the night?” We couldn’t get over there fast enough! In a giddy, excited haze, I threw some clean clothes, pjs and our toothbrushes in a bag and we got on the road – then, I got to have the awesome experience of waiting with big brother, bigger sister and biggest cousin for the arrival of a brand new member of our family! I also had the honor of sharing the news with the three of them – they all had their bets on whether it’d be a boy or girl – and their reactions were priceless (captured on film, of course and sent to my sis and brother-in-law). What an incredible day! I’m still just in awe – of my new baby nephew, of my sister, of our older kids and of the love and strength of family.


Dear sweet baby Marshall,

Today we got to meet you for the very first time! Welcome to the world, sweet boy! We’ve been waiting for you to come and take your place in our funny, silly, forever family and you are such a perfect fit! Twenty-four hours ago I couldn’t imagine what you would be like and now I already can’t imagine who all of us were before you! You are beautiful and pure and already inspiring each one of us in such incredible ways! You’re loved beyond your wildest dreams and have a team of people who will be with you through all of the things that your life will bring. You have a Mommy and Daddy who are two of the most incredible and loving people I’ve ever known and who will always do anything for you and know you better than anybody else in this great big world. You have a big sister with enough love for every living thing on the planet and a beautiful, pure, creative spirit. She’s been waiting to meet you and shower you with love! You have a big brother who’s funny and proud and bold and strong and who’s been waiting for another best friend and playmate. You have a cousin who seemed to know who you’d be before the rest of us and who’s so in love with you already – he can’t wait to teach you everything he knows, make you laugh and protect you from ever feeling hurt or sad or scared. Those three kiddos are a tight knit crew of goofballs and you’re already a highly revered member. You also have a Zizi (me!) who’d do anything for you and who can’t wait to see what kind of adventures you’ll have! I’m so lucky to get to be a part of watching you grow and become the incredible person you are and will be! I love you so much and feel so lucky that you joined our family! I can’t wait to get to know you and am so thrilled with the knowledge that we’ll have a relationship unique to any I’ve ever had up till now.

Baby love 2

Welcome to the world! Welcome to the goofball crew! Welcome to the family!

We love you!

xoxo- Zizi