(Fantasy) Vacation Planning

Recently my (fantasy) boyfriend mentioned (in a television interview) that he really needs a vacation. Which got me to thinking. I really should plan something. You know…for the two us.

So I finished my (fantasy) breakfast of croissants, fresh figs and fresh roasted coffee. And I decided to get to work doing some vacation research! Actually, first I had to answer the door. More specifically, my (fantasy) butler had to answer the door in order to let in my (fantasy) yoga instructor for our (fantasy) sunrise yoga session. After my (fantasy) yoga session and my (fantasy) 10 mile run, I came home and hit the (fantasy) sauna, soaked in the (fantasy) jacuzzi, and just barely managed to fit in my (fantasy) daily two hour  massage. Then, while my (fantasy) chef prepared my (fantasy) lunch, I got down to work.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Sanctuary Retreat, Botswana.

This retreat in Botswana includes an absolutely amazing, five-day, Heart of the Elephant safari. One look at the photos of the sanctuary and descriptions will tell you everything you need to know. Add to that my absurd love of elephants and I’m sold.

2. Aman Sveti Stefan Resort, Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan is a beautiful, romantic island – “the hidden gem of the Mediterranean” – off the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It looks absolutely gorgeous and has my most favorite vacation ingredient…beach!

3. Little Whale Cay, Bahamas.

Four words: fully staffed private island. Length of stay? Maybe forever.

4. Villa Il Poeta, Italy.

This trip would mean I get to visit a corner (island, actually) of Italy I’ve never seen before – Capri. So beautiful! Plus, we could surely fit in extra day or two to visit Florence, Venice…maybe I should pencil in a whole month!

So, you can see my dilemma – which one do I possibly choose? 😉 What’s your favorite? Where would you go if you had some (fantasy) vacation time?