Breakfast smoothie

I am a huge smoothie fanatic. I’ve always liked them, but recently purchased a fancy new blender which made me LOVE them. I have one every morning for breakfast and sometimes in the afternoon or evening as a snack or dessert. Here’s my typical breakfast smoothie recipe:


2-3 cups organic baby spinach

3/4 cup organic frozen berries

1 tsp Maca root powder

3/4 scoop protein powder (I like PlantFusion’s Chocolate Raspberry)

1.5 c milk (I use skim or 1%)

1/2 banana, pear or apple or other fresh fruit I have on hand

small handful pumpkin seeds or almonds (for a special treat, swap for 1/2 TB almond butter!)

2 dropperfuls cinnamon extract

1 TB flaxseed oil

smoothie ingredients smoothie

blend breakfast smoothie

Are you a smoothie fanatic, too? Share your favorite recipes with me at or in the comments section!