Taste of summer

This weekend was one of those rare weekends when we didn’t have some place to go – a party, an event, an out-of-town trip – so we did only what we wanted to do and enjoyed a little bit of family time. Bright and early Saturday morning, Mason came in to my room, snuggled me and announced he was ready for the day! Forecast was calling for record-breaking heat, so we got an early start and headed to the local farmers market. Mason used to love Wegmans and tolerate other errand-outings, but those days are long gone. Too many years of being dragged every single place his Mom needs to go, I guess. Fortunately, the farmers market seems to be our one last hold out. He loves ’em. Might have something to do with this little bit of market bribery:

market stand market bribery

We had a great time taking in all the sights and smells of summer just around the corner. Every row and stand was bursting with bright flowers.

flower power

We discovered plenty of goodies. Like these farm fresh eggs and apricots…

farm fresh eggs apricots

Sunday morning cinnamon rolls for Mason…

cinnamon rolls

(I just barely resisted these!)

fresh baked

and we were lucky enough to get some of the most delicious almond butter on the planet before it sold out, along with a little bit of local honey.

almond butter and honey

I even splurged on some fancy soaps for me…

essential soaps

…and scored some of Mason’s all-time favorite, crab legs! With our shiny new car loaded with fresh market foods, we headed home and made ourselves lunch with our findings. Then it was out into the gorgeous (hot!) day to do some yard work (me) and run around and play with the neighborhood kids (him). Once I had the yard looking in tip-top shape and Mason had worked up a sweat, we rewarded ourselves by spending the rest of the afternoon soaking and living it up in the pool.


Summer had arrived!

I then made us a dinner fit for kings & queens, complete with a pink lemonade for him and a grown-up lemonade for me. We savored every last bite. It was almost as if we were down at the beach instead of in NY enjoying Mason’s favorite meal.

Crab pot summer dinner

Afterward, Mason headed straight back outside to meet up with his friends, create obstacles courses and play hide and seek till dark. We invited the neighborhood kids in for popcorn and a show on the big screen and then it was off to bed for my little one.

I know tonight we’ll both be dreaming of the magical summer days to come.