Peanut Butter Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Recently Mason’s been into inventing new meals. There was the ketchup sandwich. This was soon outdone by the Chicken Nugget and Beans biscuit – “first you take a biscuit, then you put butter, then you put chicken nuggets, then you put a whole pile of ketchup, then you put some baked beans, then you put another biscuit.” There’s admittedly a theme here involving stackable meals (and ketchup), but he’s also dabbled with ingredients like bacon, salmon, flour tortillas, pancakes, candy and syrup (blew his mind to watch Buddy the Elf put maple syrup on spaghetti, let me tell you!). Lots of times I humor him – I want to encourage creativity in the kitchen, not to mention nurture culinary skills in someone who’ll eventually take over my dinner duties. His creativity and interest in having a say in what he eats has inspired me. Which is how Peanut Butter chicken was born. I needed to meet him at his level if I was going to get him to think beyond nuggets and pancakes. Now Peanut Butter Chicken is such a big hit that I can even get him to eat it wrapped in a lettuce leaf! We make this fairly often because it literally takes no time to prep and 10 minutes to cook. Here’s the recipe:


1lb boneless chicken breast tenderloins, trimmed.

Thai Peanut Sauce (I use Wegmans brand because it tastes great and, well, I love Wegmans!) ~1/3 of the 13oz bottle for this recipe.

Snap peas (8 0z).

Sriracha chili sauce.

Romaine lettuce hearts, separated with leaves left whole.

1 package 90 second Brown Rice & Quinoa (again, Wegmans!).


Marinate chicken in peanut sauce (I’ve also skipped this step when I haven’t had time – still turns out great!).

Heat peanut sauce in large saucepan.

Add chicken breast tenderloins, cook on medium-high heat 3-5 mins, until golden brown.

Microwave rice 90 seconds and set aside.

Turn chicken tenderloins and add in snap peas. Cook an additional 5 minutes. Check temp and cook until chicken reaches 165 degrees.

Spoon rice into lettuce leaves, top with chicken mixture and wrap burrito-style. Add chili sauce for spice.

(Tip: don’t ever call these Thai peanut chicken lettuce wraps around your kids! Peanut butter chicken is way cooler and more readily accepted!).