Why Glama Mama?

So, I’m really much more a Mama Llama Red Pajama kind of girl than I am anything having to do with glamour.  On an average day, although at (very) quick glance I may pass as an appropriately-dressed working woman, upon closer inspection you’ll find I’m actually wearing mismatched Christmas socks in April underneath my black knee high boots, sporting stapled hems which hold together my dress pants, and carrying a collection of more toys, rocks and wood chips than money or other useful grown-up things in my purse. Since having my son, I’ve admittedly morphed into one of those parents who sees everything through the parent lens – I do not compartmentalize – I think like a Mom at work, at home, in the grocery store, at a fancy restaurant. I am of all the beyond-amazing and awe-inspiring things about being a Mom, as much as I am all of the frumpy, dumpy, uncool and stuff-no-one-ever-told-you-about things about being a Mom. Probably more of the frumpy, dumpy stuff, if we’re being honest. That put together Pilates Mom? Not me. That calm, creative, well thought-out parent? Rarely me. I’m much more of the it’s-a-miracle-we-got-to-school-on-time, screw-it-let’s-just-have-pancakes-for-dinner kind of Mom. The idea of being a “glama” mama makes me laugh out loud. Which is exactly why I chose it as the name for my blog. Because who doesn’t need a reason to laugh out loud once in awhile?

I hope you enjoy and please leave me your comments and feedback!