Letter to You

Hey You, We haven’t talked in awhile. I wanted to let you know I still see you. I haven’t forgotten you. Me and you are the same. We’re just alike. I get you.… Continue reading

“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being…

…the more joy you can contain.” ~Khalil Gibran, On Joy and Sorrow. This post is for any parents out there feeling alone or hopeless or lost. I want to let you know that… Continue reading

Weekend Roundup.

So, what’d you do this past week and weekend? I did lots of things! And I’m so excited to finally have conversations with grown-ups again that I thought I’d share. I recovered from… Continue reading

Donnie Cookies

This is one of my Grandma’s recipes and I decided to bake some up for Mason this week. I can remember her making them for all of us grandkids growing up and I’m… Continue reading

Root Beer Pulled Pork

I should start off by saying that my 10 years in the Richmond and Raleigh-Durham area taught me a little bit about the meaning of good BBQ. After years of having slews of… Continue reading

Operation: Hot Mom

I could just have easily titled this post “Operation: Mid-Life Crisis,” but hot mom sounded way sexier. Five seconds spent reading this blog will tell you I’ve been kind of in the throes… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

Shouting from the rooftops

This post is a very quick and very elated update on this post and this post…MASON DOES NOT HAVE THE GENE!! Hallelujah! I think the tides may be turning! Thanks so much to… Continue reading

Growth Spurt

Mason has been going through a huge – like two breakfasts, lunches and dinners a day huge – growth spurt in the last week or so. Tonight after the apple, cheese and crackers… Continue reading

Call to the universe

This post is a short update on some of the stuff that’s been keeping me from writing much over the last several weeks. It’s also a call to the universe to please help… Continue reading

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